Jamie McIntosh MD FRCS (General) MRCS (England)BSc (Hons)MB ChB

I am an experienced consultant breast surgeon who specialises in all aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

I have successfully completed a comprehensive UK surgical training, where I chose to specialise in breast surgery. I was subsequently awarded one of a limited number of prestigious National Oncoplastic Breast Surgery fellowships, gaining further experience by working with leading specialist plastic surgeons in the field of breast surgery before being appointed as a consultant surgeon in 2011.

I am one of a small number of surgeons in the UK to have received accreditation from The Royal College of Surgeon’s cosmetic surgery scheme. This scheme was developed in response to the 2013 Keogh review which highlighted the need for regulation of cosmetic practise in the UK. It recognises surgeons who have the appropriate training, qualifications and experience to perform cosmetic surgery.
I am experienced in all aspects of cosmetic breast surgery and am able to offer breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast implant removal, breast implant exchange, breast lift (mastopexy) and correction of developmental breast asymmetry. I am also able to offer lipomodelling (liposuction and fat injection into the breast).

What to expect

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not one to be taken lightly or in a hurry. It is important to me that you have all the time and information you need to make the decision which is right for you, even if for some women that means deciding not to undergo surgery at all.

It is important to me that you do not feel rushed into making a decision, and that all of your questions are answered before committing to surgery. For this reason, I meet all my patients on at least two pre-operative occasions to ensure that you have had a chance outside of your first appointment to reflect on what we have discussed, and will encourage you to come to the second consultation with any further questions which might have occurred to you. Sometimes you may need more than two appointments which is never a problem.

We offer women a calm and relaxed environment for their outpatient consultations, but for some women coming to discuss this type of surgery can make them feel worried or anxious, and you are welcome to bring a partner, family member or friend with you to any or all of your appointments. In clinic I work with a nurse who is experienced in looking after women undergoing this type of surgery, who will also be able to help answer your questions and guide you through your decision making. My clinic rooms are discrete and have no signs on them which disclose the type of surgery that we will be discussing. Following our consultation I will write a letter summarising our conversation to you, and with your consent to your GP.

If you decide to undergo surgery, this will be in the hospital that I have met you in for your pre-operative consultations, and you will have all of your aftercare and appointments in the same hospital too. Follow-up will vary slightly from patient to patient and depending on their type of surgery, but unlike other surgeons will not entail additional unexpected travelling to other parts of the country.


Breast augmentation (and revision), Breast reduction, Breast lift (mastopexy), correction of developmental asymmetry and correction of nipple inversion.


“From the first consultation with Jamie I felt completely at ease. From start to finish his professional yet friendly manner and expertise gave me total confidence in my surgery”

“From the first time I spoke to Jamie I felt like someone was actually listening to me and understood the way I felt. I felt supported, and that I was being taken seriously”

“The care and support I have received throughout has been second to none. It’s already been such a life changing experience and I’m extremely thankful to Jamie and his team”

“Throughout the entire process, Jamie was understanding, professional, thoughtful and reassuring.  He was outstanding in his aftercare, coming in at the weekend to see me and staying in contact after my discharge”

“In my personal opinion, Jamie exceeded all my expectations in explaining and reassuring me about the surgery”

“Jamie – thank you so much for carrying out my breast reduction. It’s changed my life -I wish I’d had it done years ago!”